Art. No. 8373 

Content: 150ml 

Packaging: 20 Units/case

Engines are subjected to extreme loads even under normal driving conditions such as town and commuter traffic, short journeys and traffic jams. This sort of use causes the build-up of deposits on valves, in the combustion chamber and in the carburettor.  Vallve Clean cleans valves, injection systems, intakes, carburettors and combustion chambers and keeps them clean.

  • Provides ideal engine power and saves fuel

  • Removes deposits on valves in the combustion chamber and prevents renewed formation

  • Optimizes the emission test values and performance of the engine 

  • Improves compression 

  • Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions.


Intended use

Suitable for all gasoline engines – as a preventative measure or to solve problems. Tested safe with catalytic converters and turbochargers. For adding directly to the fuel tank. Can contents are sufficient for up to 75 l fuel.