A&P Agencies Limited

was established in 2003 with the purpose of introducing to Trinidad and Tobago the high quality German brand of Motor Oils, Additives and Car Care products, LIQUI MOLY.

In recent years, we have managed to consolidate LIQUI MOLY as the top Motor Oil and Additive brand in T&T for the automotive industry, due to the reliable, safe and effective performance of its wide range of products.


This has been achieved through

  • offering a wide and growing range of High Quality products for maintenace and repairs in the automotive industry

  • Constant and timely supply of product

  • Direct training and sponsored semminars on application, use and marketting of all products

  • Marketting support, promotions and event sponsoring 

Our mission is

To maximize efficiency and performance of all internal combustion engines and this way

protect our environment, by providing our customers with the highest possible quality

of products, services and support,

                                                         every single time

Our vision is

Our vision is

a world where all resources are used wisely to achieve only the best of quality

                                                                                                                   in everything made