The only brand your ride needs

curiosity, innovation and hard work


As a manufacturer, we take it for granted that you must be supplied with products of the highest possible quality.

However, the trick is not only to provide you with quality products, but to offer you a strong and internationally marketed brand in conjunction with comprehensive business ideas and all the backup necessary to promote the success of your business. Systems and Service with integrated profit is what is at your disposal with LIQUI MOLY! Not only oils and additives, but value creation and utilization for your company.


With our product ranges, which we are continually expanding to promote sales growth and innovative high-tech products, you are opening up lucrative market niches and expanding your customer base. 


By using market-oriented concepts which make sense, solve problems and satisfy needs, you will be able to achieve impressive sales and make high profits. 


We produce innovations which you can use to penetrate new markets and business areas and use these to streamline the image of your own company. 

the brand

The continuous implantation of our branding philosophy and customer-oriented marketing policies have resulted in a steep increase in the trend of success. Market shares, sales volumes and turnover are experiencing dynamic growth throughout the world. Our trademarks have achieved an extraordinarily high level of recognition. 

Strategically oriented advertising in the media, at the point of sale and in motor sports as well as our presence at trade fairs all serve to promote trademark recognition and the advanced sale of our products. Take advantage of our offers at promotion events, advertising aids, display materials for shops and outside displays, info materials and much more for informing your customers that you sell products under the LIQUI MOLY brand name.

Ernst Prost:
managing partner of Liqui Moly

Ernst Prost was born on February 14, 1957 in Bavaria, Germany. His father was a mason and his mother a factory worker. After graduating from school he served his apprenticeship as a mechanic. Then he changed his profession to sales and became junior salesman at a car care company. There he worked his way up to become head of marketing. In 1990 he went to LIQUI MOLY in the position of head of marketing and sales.


The enthusiastic biker started to successivly buy company shares from the founding family (Henle). In 1998 he bought the last shares and is running the business as managing partner since then. From that time on, sales rocketed.

LIQUI MOLY is available in more than 100 countries all over the globe. In 2006 Ernst Prost acquired the oil factory MÉGUIN.

Ethical values and standards such as industriousness, respect, humility, praise, and gratitude are very important to Ernst Prost. They form the guidelinies for the whole company. In his opinion the employees are the most important asset of the company. He calls them not employees but co-entrepreneurs' because they all act in concert and form today's shape of the company as a premium brand for motor oils, additives and car care products and as a relevant player in the market. 

Resulting from these ethical values, the Ernst Prost Foundation was established in 2011. This charitable institution helps people who found them selves in difficulty through no fault of their own


the full range

Engine and gear oils, oil and fuel additives, auto-care products, chemical problem solvers, service products and special lubricants, complete product lines for cars, motorbikes, boats, commercial vehicles, everything needed by the trade, workshop and industry is available from a single source, LIQUI MOLY.

We are the full range.

We are constantly expanding our product range with new, innovative and promising items which we are offering to you alongside total marketing concepts.

absolute quality

The highest goal is to provide you with the highest possible product quality every time.

In order for our chemists to keep themselves informed about current technical developments at all times, they are continually in close contact with the industry.


Most of our products are based on formulations which we have developed ourselves. They are subjected to continual testing and are fine-tuned to the current technical situation.


Approval by the motor industry and compliance with the highest specifications

For our products this is taken for granted.


Continuous quality inspection as an integral part of our production process provides both you and us additional security.