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Follow these simple steps

and regain the original full potential of your engine.

With time, your engine gets dirty, inside, and this hampers its performance. You feel it in the loss of power, in the rough idling,  it may even feel slugish, and loud.

Following these STEPS, will clean your engine inside and you will feel the difference and enjoy your car even more!

Pour the full content of Super Diesel Additive (for Diesel engines only) or Injection Reiniger (for gasoline engine only) in a full tank of fuel. 

Regular use of these product will clean and maintain the fuel system of your engine restoring its original full power and performance

When youre ready to change your oil, use Oil System Cleaner to thoroughly clean the oil system, removing sludge and old oil remains from sump, pump and oil passageways. A clean engine will maintain the new oil fresh longer and ensure effective delivery of oil troughout.

Carefully Follow Use Instructions

Always use the Manufactures recommended Motor Oil for your vehicle. They made it, they know it!


Liqui Moly is high quality Motor Oil for every engine.

Use the Liqui Moly online Oil Guide (top of page) to find the wright oil and rest assured its the best.

If you chose a Liqui Moly oil that does not already have a wear protection additive in it, we highly recommend you select the Oil Additive with MoS2 or the Ceratec with ceramic technology.

These antifriction additives will greatly reduce wear and make your engine run quiter and smoother .

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