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Art. No. 6950 - 20 Lt Canister

             6951 - 60 Lt Drum



Art. No.6952

Content: 205 Lt

Packaging: Drum

High-performance hydraulic oil made from high-quality raffinates. Because of the high thermal stability of the base oils, the aging process is significantly reduced even at elevated temperatures. This decisively helps to reduce the formation of sludge, improve cleanliness, and promote the reliability of the hydraulic systems. Excellent oxidation resistance permits extended oil change intervals. The outstanding wear-protection technology is effective in both, low and high load conditions. Special additives ensure consistent viscosity even at high temperature fluctuations and a swift and precise response of the hydraulic system as well as the absorption of a certain amount of water without clouding. Maintains good corrosion protection behavior even if water is present.
The hydraulic components are thus optimally protected in all operating conditions.


Mineral hydraulic oil correspondent to the classification type HVLPD acc DIN 51524 Part 3.

HVLPD hydraulic oils are used as pressure fluid for power transmission and control. They contain ingredients to increase the ageing resistance in the corrosion protection and the EP properties. The extremely high viscosity index guarantees outstanding viscosity-temperature behavior. The high proportion of detergent and dispersing additives facilitate absortion of certain amount of water without turbidity. Ideally suited for systems in which additional large temperature fluctuations and an increased portion of condensate can arise. With advanced wear-protection technology.


Intended use

For machines, pumps and plants. That especially applies to construction machines of all types such as for Poclain, Jumbo and Atlas power shoves. Comply with the machine and plant manufacturer’s operating instructions. Viscosity ISO VG 46



Hydrauliköl DIN 51524 HVLPD 46



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