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Art. No. 29066

Content: N/A

Packaging: 1 Units/case

Suitable for all converter gears, automatic continuously variable transmissions and dual clutch transmissions. Specially designed for the professional replacement of transmission fluids. Enables the change to be made via the cooler as well as the dipstick mode including cleaning. More detailed information about the device and its operation can be found in the operating instructions or the application video.

Fully automatic ATF oil changing device with the most up-to-date control technology for automatic transmission systems. Intuitive operation thanks to self-explanatory, user-friendly menu guidance. Universal device suitable for use with all makes of car. After the integrated cleaning program is applied, a high level of functionality is guaranteed even with extremely dirty transmissions. Data concerning the total fill quantity, type and density of the automatic transmission fluid, tightening torques of the oil sump, drain plug and checking screws and the vehicle manufacturer, vehicle type and engine size can be retrieved free of charge using the integrated database. Contains the following accessories: Gear Tronic Adapter Kit Standard 01 (part no. 29021).

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