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LIQUI MOLY  Solutions: Engine Wear - High Mileage

Engine wear is normal and relates directly to the mileage of the engine. Timely servicing of the engine with a high quality motor oil that meets the manufacturer's requirements is necessary to prevent excessive wear of the engine. This will also prevent many other problems and costly repairs related to lack of regular engine maintenance. The use of anti-friction oil additives in the motor oil will improve lubrication and increase wear protection of the engine.

Use LIQUI MOLY (pour in the oil) treatments with anti-friction properties.


On Cold Starts, the engine oil which has been drained down to the sump, needs to be distributed to all parts of the engine for optimum lubrication. Depending on the viscosity of the oil, this can take as much as 48 seconds. During this time in which the engine is running dry, Liqui Moly anti-friction additives will protect the engine from wear.

Better to maintain than to repair
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